Boom & Mellow is a jewelry, accessories and gift shop that gives the urban woman something she hasn’t seen before - a breath of fresh air amongst all the heavyweight fashion brands that surround her. A way for her to be different, to be unpretentiously herself. 

With a curated selection of unique, diverse, loud, elegant yet laid-back jewelry and accessories, our boutique calls to every side of every woman – the boom, the mellow and everything in between.

Curated entirely by the boutique’s founder, Sima Barazi Haroun, the Boom & Mellow collection hails from all over the world.

Boom & Mellow offers a no-pressure, pleasureful shopping experience that encourages the authentic beauty inside of every woman to come out and play.

Location in Mall


Store Hours

Sunday - Saturday 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM


+ 971 50 8215790


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