Baby Sensory introduces the WOW World Group internationally awarded programs from UK to the UAE. We offer engaging, educational and age-appropriate workshops and programs, where parents and children can spend quality time together learning. In UAE since 2012, we proudly expanded our mission to grow children’s knowledge and fun on multiple location in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


BABY SENSORY (0 - 13 months)
Specifically designed for babies from birth, Baby Sensory is packed with an  incredible variety of sounds, smells, sights, textures, music, dance, signing and baby massage. We promise - you’ll never experience the same class twice!

TODDLER SENSE (1 - 4 years)
At Toddler Sense structured play goes hand in hand with imagination, freedom, and adventure! Each week introduces a whole new world of magical delights: imagine zooming through space, partying like pirates or scuba-diving in a magical sea!

MINI PROFESSORS (2.5 - 5 years)
At Mini Professors we show children how science relates to every day life through fun, interactive experiments. Based on the UK curriculum, our program dives into Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Engineering and includes 80 fascinating science topics, covering everything from Human Body, to Electricity, Volcanoes, Dinosaurs and even Space!

CREATIVE PLAY (7 months +)
The creative play session is a child-led workshop for older babies and children. During this workshop the children get to explore different activity stations that include messy play trays, arts & crafts, various games and challenges, obstacle courses, and even songs and stories! All these different activities help children practice their motor and social skills, while encouraging their natural curiosity, exploration, confidence and a sense of independence.

MAGIC comes to life with our themed, customized parties! From beautiful jungles, or under-the-sea set-ups to racing tracks, and watermelon gardens, our team can create any imaginary world your little one desires!

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